Council Meeting News – August 2022

GCC Events and Award Ceremonies

In line with its civic responsibilities, Council has had a long involvement in conducting both events and awards ceremonies in the municipality.

Council has reviewed a number of these activities and has proposed a change in the delivery of some activities in line with Council’s review of service delivery and financial circumstances.

The activities considered by Council are;

  • Moonah Taste of The World Festival – Undertake a full review in preparation for 2024.
  • Glenorchy Carols Event – Cease to deliver an event and trial a grants program for the community to access to run their own carols activities for 2022.
  • ANZAC Day Memorial Event – continue to deliver a 2023 ANZAC Day event in Glenorchy and work more closely with Claremont RSL.
  • Community Awards, incl Glenorchy Citizen and Young Citizen of the Year – Trial a combined event with Volunteer Awards in May 2023.
  • Annual Volunteer Awards – as above.
  • Citizenship Ceremonies (approximately 5 ceremonies per year) – Continue to deliver.

Proceeds from Property Disposals

Council adopted a policy in 2020 to provide greater transparency and consistency on the use of funds from sales of all Council land.

The policy established two dedicated reserve funds for sale proceeds that meet specified criteria:

  • the Property Disposals Reserve Fund – to be used exclusively for the acquisition, development, improvement and/or accessibility of open space, and
  • the Special Projects Reserve Fund – to be used exclusively for special projects approved by Council.

Council received a report detailing what properties have been sold and acquired during the past 2 financial years;

31 August 2020 – 30 June 2021

  • Five properties were sold during this period totalling to $664,955.73.
  • $498,716.80 was allocated to the Special Projects Reserve fund, and
  • $166,238.93 was allocated to the Property Disposals Reserve fund.
  • Nil expenditure occurred during this period.

1 July 2021 – 30 June 2022

  • Nil properties were sold during this period. 
  • One property was purchased during this period – 7 Peltro Street Glenorchy.

Prior to this policy being in place Council sold the Derwent Entertainment Centre with the $8M sale proceeds committed to $2.4M for roadworks on Wilkinsons Point and a further Council decision to contribute $3.0M to the joint project with TasWater to remediate Tolosa Dam.

Reallocation of Capital Works Funding from the Local Government Loan Program

In June 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Council agreed to bring forward ten projects from the Economic Development Strategy to stimulate economic activity in sectors hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Two of the projects brought forward were the Greenshoots micro-business incubator project and the Zinc Link pathway project. These projects were funded through a $5 million loan from State Government’s $200 million Local Government Loan Program.

The two projects mentioned have not proceeded and in consultation with the state government Council officers have determined that the funding for the Zinc Link and Greenshoots projects can be reallocated to other projects.

Several alternative projects that are close to being ‘shovel ready’ have been considered as projects that could deliver the best results for the community based on the community’s priorities received in a survey conducted during the budget setting process.

Council agreed the project that best meets these factors is a proposal to improve accessibility and safety in the city by constructing a shared pathway in Tolosa Street providing connections to the existing on road cycle lanes, which currently terminate at the entrance to Dominic College, extending to the entrance of Tolosa Park. The community survey strongly indicated a desire for more active transport options, additional shared tracks and trails and improved, safe infrastructure and environments.

A second project supported is a flood mitigation project at Glenlusk Road and Collinsvale Road. During large rainfall events, stormwater from Collinsvale Road above, overwhelms the current drainage infrastructure and floods the downstream properties on Glenlusk Road, causing damage to buildings.

Council’s Quarterly Report

The Quarterly Report for the period ending 30 June 2022 provides detail on Council’s key strategic projects, core business activities, financial performance and monitoring of Council’s Annual Plan for the last quarter of the 2021 / 2022 financial year.

Council’s interim operating position for the period ending 30 June 2022 is currently showing a favourable result of $3.186 million against budget. This comprises $3.234 million more in revenue and $48,000 more in expenditure. A final set of audited figures will be produced for the Annual Report once end of year calculations are complete.

In terms of Capital Works the interim year end expenditure is $18.153 million against an annual budget of $19.654 million. The expenditure figure is represented by $13.428 million for Council funded projects and $4.725 million for Government funded projects.

Other highlights of the quarter were:

  • Adoption of Council 2022/2023 Budget and Annual Plan
  • Commitments to Glenorchy from the May Federal Election
  • Adoption of the Dog Management Policy
  • Progress on the Southern Tasmanian Regional Waste Authority
  • Council Advocacy role to the State Government, and
  • The Declaration of Glenorchy as a Refugee Welcome Zone

Submission to Future of Local Government Review

The State Government commissioned the Local Government Board under the Chairmanship of Sue Smith to undertake a Future of Local Government Review. The Review is expected to take approximately 18 months to complete. The Board has invited submissions on its Interim Report.

Council endorsed a submission to the Future of Local Government Review on the Local Government Board’s Stage 1 Interim Report following completion of the Community Engagement Stage of the Review.

The report largely summarises the feedback from the consultation undertaken over the last 6 months and suggests the things the Board will be exploring in Phase 2.

Some key themes that come through in the Interim Board Report are:

  • The process is not simply about amalgamations. The Board is looking at the best role that future local governments can play in the Tasmanian community. This mean councils could look quite different in future.
  • The Board wants to explore whether some services could be delivered more economically at a larger scale – including mentions of corporate and infrastructure areas.
  • The Board is interested in whether planning services could be done differently – to address the tensions that elected members currently face between their community representative roles and their Planning Authority roles.
  • The Board wants to look at how local governments can be better financed to deliver the required services to their communities.
  • The Board wants to make clearer Council’s role in terms of the welfare of the community.
  • The Board wants to improve the governance and reputation of the local government sector.
  • The Board wants to consider local government’s role in areas such as climate change and economic development.
  • The Board wants to strengthen the way councils work with other tiers of government to get better overall community outcomes.

Council’s submission has made commentary around the following matters for the Boards’ consideration;

  • Delivery of Service’s at Scale
  • Planning
  • Financial Sustainability, and
  • Governance

Community Strategy Update

Council’s Community Strategy 2021-2030 is a strategy for a welcoming, safe, healthy and learning community and delivers on our Community’s goal of Making Lives Better. The Strategy was adopted in August 2021.

The Annual Update on the strategy highlighted several key actions against the four priority areas, some of which are outlined below:

Accessible, inclusive and diverse

  • Delivered the Multicultural Hub, delivered a Refugee Week dinner and Advisory meeting at the Multicultural Hub,
  • Launched Council’s Refugee Week Declaration,
  • Worked with the Access and Inclusion Reference Group to respond to access requests from the community.


  • Key stakeholders engaged in responding to Glenorchy CBD Safety, including the development of a Community Action Plan,
  • Commenced the Greater Hobart Sparking Conversations-Igniting Action bushfire resilience project, 
  • Delivered Full Gear Motorbike Safety programs at Bucaan Community House and supported pilots in the north of the State and Derwent Valley as per the funding agreement, and


  • Delivered the HAPPY Youth Mentor Program at Montrose Bay High School,
  • Prepared the Mental Health First Aid Instructor Course to train 10 new facilitators to increase community capacity to support people with mental illness, and
  • Commenced the partnership project with Volunteering Tasmania-Leading Mental Health in Volunteer organisations.

Education and learning for life

  • Establishment of the funded 26TEN Community Project, and
  • Delivered the weekly School for Seniors program at the Golden Years Club

Child Care Service Review

The Glenorchy City Council received a report from an independent consultant into its Berriedale and Benjafield childcare centres.  This was considered as part of a review of Council-owned childcare operations being conducted under a broader review of Council services.  The report was discussed by Council in closed session which was necessary due to some confidential aspects contained within the report.

Council voted to retain and invest in its two childcare centres with the aim of ensuring they are sustainable over the longer term.  A key factor in Council’s decision was the ongoing shortage of childcare places and the need to continue this critical service for the benefit of our community.  More information on the decision can be found at

You can view the full update in the meeting agenda at