Council Meeting News October 2022

Final Meeting of the Current Council Term

At the final Council meeting of this current term, Mayor Bec Thomas took the opportunity to thank all sitting Aldermen and those who had served during the Council term for their efforts over the previous four and a half years since the current Council was elected in January 2018.

The Mayor thanked the elected members and staff for their important work over the period following the Board of Inquiry and following Ministerial Directions in rebuilding the trust of community in Council.

The Mayor outlined the significant number of achievements completed by Council during the term inclusive of: finalisation of the KGV project, finalisation of the Derwent Park Water Reuse Scheme, attracting $20m for a ferry service through the the City Deal partnership, creation of a FOGO service, sale of the Derwent Entertainment Centre and Wilkinson’s Point to the State Government, COVID – 19 support for the community, completion of the CBD revitalisation project, creation of the Glenorchy Jobs Hub, completion of the Eady St sports pavilion, completion of the Jackson St landfill extension, commencement of significant soccer projects at North Chigwell and KGV, investment in Child Care, Community Engagement and safety around the Glenorchy CBD and delivering a $2million surplus in the 21/22 budget to the community.

A number of Aldermen also spoke wishing the new Council well in the next term.

GCC Customer Service Update

Council also received the Annual Customer Service report on the progress of the Customer Service Strategy 2020-25, the level of service provided to the community, and the number and nature of complaints received for the 2020/21 financial year.

Council’s Customer Satisfaction Score was 87.1% in 2021/22, which is consistent with the previous year’s score of 89.4%. Council also received 231 comments through this feedback method.

58,277 customers were served via the phone or over the front counter, of which 15 items identified as ‘complaints’ recorded on the register. Fourteen of these were responded to within 10 days, as per Council’s service level commitment.

Council’s Customer Service Strategy was approved in 2020. The strategy outlines the four pillars of customer service that our community values. From these four pillars, 48 actions were identified to be completed throughout the five-year life of the strategy.

Progress towards the action plan is currently as follows:

  • overall, progress is at 72% of the complete action plan
  • 25 actions (52%) are complete
  • 17 actions (34%) are in progress
  • 5 actions (10%) are yet to commence.

Finally, did you know annually:

  • Council received 24,364 articles of correspondence
  • 8,326 Dogs are registered
  • 15,549 service requests are created
  • 2.25 days is the average time taken to respond to correspondence
  • 96% correspondence responded to within Council’s Customer Service Charter.

Tasmanian Housing Strategy Discussion Paper

The Tasmanian Government has released a Tasmanian Housing Strategy Discussion Paper for public comment.

Council’s draft submission which is based on Council’s Statement of Commitment on Housing and follows consultation with Shelter Tasmania, TasCOSS and the Local Government Association of Tasmania (LGAT) was considered at the meeting.

Briefly, Council comments are as follows:

Recommend the vision be strengthened to be uniquely Tasmanian and reflect the diversity and challenges faced by our community.

Recommend a focus area for a “Housing First” approach, tenant protections and early intervention and prevention.

Recommend a focus area on the specific housing needs of women and their children. An effective housing strategy needs a gendered lens to properly reflect the housing needs of women and children, including those escaping family and domestic violence.

Recommend a focus area for data and evaluation of the Strategy at regular intervals.

Once the consultation period for the Strategy Discussion Paper has ended, all submissions and responses will be reviewed and analysed by the Tasmanian Government. A draft of the Tasmanian Housing Strategy will be released for a further period of consultation early in 2023, with the final Strategy scheduled to be released during 2023.

Capital Works Update

Council also received the quarterly update to Aldermen and the community on the progress of the delivery of Council’s capital works program for the 2022/23 financial year.

The updated highlighted that Tasmania is still experiencing a number of factors impacting the availability of contractors and materials which, in turn, adds cost pressures for Council.

Pleasingly the completion of the Ian ‘Jessie’ James Sports Ground (Eady Street) Amenities Building, and the Jackson Street landfill extension was reported.

Updates were also received on a range of projects that are at various stages of progress, inclusive of;

  • Giblins Reserve Playspace
  • Montrose Bay Foreshore Skatepark
  • Montrose Bay Foreshore Playground
  • Council Chambers Solar Panel Installation and Roof Upgrades
  • Prince of Wales Bay Sports Ground Drainage Works and Removal of Detention Pond
  • Football Packages
  • BMX Track Relocation
  • Tolosa Park Dam Reintegration Project

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