2023/24 Budget

The 2023/24 budget was approved by Council at the 26 June 2023 meeting. The budget funds essential programs and services whilst responsibly setting a sound base for our future economic sustainability. Council’s 2023/24 budget has been developed to align with Council’s new Strategic Plan and Annual Plan to deliver on what’s most important to the people of Glenorchy.

Key points in the 2023/24 Council Budget

  • Operating Deficit $1.301 million
  • Underlying Operating Deficit $3.639 million
  • Rate Revenue $43.138 million
  • Operating Revenue $72.814 million
  • Operating Expenditure $74.115 million
  • Depreciation and Amortisation $18.845 million
  • Asset Writeoff and Disposal $2.338 million
  • Capital Expenditure $32.686 million
  • Cash Balance at 30 June 2024 $19.3 million
  • No new borrowings

We are delivering infrastructure for our growing City:

  • Tolosa Park Dam Redevelopment (Stage A)
  • Benjafield Playground major upgrade
  • Redevelopment of 10 local playspaces
  • Replacing 9km of footpaths
  • Intercity shared pathway Sunderland Street crossing improvements
  • Resurfacing up to 12km of roads
  • Flood protection projects at Dooleys Avenue and Chandos Drive
  • New Town Rivulet estuary restoration project

We are investing in and supporting services our community needs and deserves:

  • Improving the cleanliness of our CBDs by increasing graffiti removal, litter pickup, street sweeping and footpath cleaning
  • Working with government agencies and community organisations to deliver programs that aim to improve youth and community safety, resilience and engagement
  • Actively contributing to housing supply in the City through surplus land disposal and rezoning

We are investing in and delivering major projects that have attracted state and federal grants:

  • Giblins Reserve Playspace
  • North Chigwell Junior Soccer Club
  • KGV Soccer Football Park