Dog exercise areas

Glenorchy has 40 ‘off-lead’ dog exercise areas within its municipality. There are also many parks and reserves where dogs are permitted, provided they are kept on a lead. This gives responsible dog owners the freedom to properly exercise their animals and enjoy their company safely in public places.

Dog exercise areas

Location of dog exercise areas

Please access the interactive Declared Areas Map (external link) to view locations of where you can exercise your dogs.

Off-lead areas

In an off-lead dog exercise area you are permitted to exercise your dog off its leash, as long as you comply with any specific conditions that apply to the area. These will usually be identified on a sign.

Off-lead exercise areas are usually fenced off and include facilities such as plastic bags for the removal of dog poo.

When your dog is off its lead in an off-lead area, it must remain under ‘effective control’ at all times. Effective control means:

  • it is close to you
  • you can see it
  • it immediately responds to your commands at all times.

 For further information about when a dog is under ‘effective control’, please see section 4 of the Dog Control Act 2000 (external link). 

On-lead areas

Your dog is permitted to be in an on-lead dog exercise area, as long as it is on its lead at all times.

On-lead areas are usually parks and reserves where it is unnecessary to prohibit dogs, but it is also inappropriate to allow dogs to be off their leads (for example, because there are not adequate facilities provided).

In some on-lead areas dogs are only permitted if you are just walking through the area.

Aside from on-lead areas, you are permitted to walk your dog in most public places, other than any prohibited areas.

Prohibited areas

Dogs are prohibited in the following areas unless they are assistance dogs (for example, a guide dog assisting a visually impaired person):

  • any grounds of a school or crèche or any other place for the reception of children, without the permission of a person in charge of the place
  • any shop or shopping centre other than a pet shop, veterinary clinic, pet grooming shop, or other shop related to the care and management of dogs
  • the grounds of a public swimming pool
  • the playing area of a sports ground where sport is being played
  • any area within 10 metres of a child’s playground.

Other areas of Council property are also prohibited areas. These are usually parks and reserves and other public places where it is not appropriate to allow dogs, whether they are on a lead or not.

You can view the prohibited areas on our Declared Areas Map (external link).

More information

For detailed information about the restrictions that apply in each area, please refer to our Dog Management Policy (PDF).

Please note: penalties apply if you allow your dog to be in an area in breach of the restrictions.