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Waste education

News - FOGO update, Friday 26th July, 2019

Following the appointment of a new Waste Services FOGO officer, the Waste team are now reviewing Glenorchy properties to make sure the best, most suitable and cost-effective FOGO service is rolled out in six months (Feb 2020). 

The first two major tasks are:

  1. To set up a fair Exemption Policy for those who already divert their food scraps and garden waste away from Landfill (in addition to the two current FOGO exemptions), and
  2. To review all Glenorchy's 600+ properties with flats that share outdoor bins, and make sure we deliver the right number of green bins to suit their needs.


For more information on FOGO, visit our FOGO FAQ page (external site).

To sign up for regular FOGO updates by email, visit this page (external site). 

News - "Waste Starts with U website" - May 2019

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