Do I need a planning permit?

If you are planning on changing the use or doing building works on your property, you may need a planning permit. If any of the following statements apply to you, you may need a planning permit: 

  • I am considering buying a residential property 
  • I am considering doing renovations at my residence such as extensions or a deck 
  • I am considering constructing a new shed or garage at my residential property 
  • I am considering further residential development or redevelopment (e.g. a second dwelling or units) 
  • I am considering buying or leasing an existing property to run a business 
  • I am considering further development or redevelopment of a commercial or industrial property 
  • I am considering working from home or running a business from home 

If this is you, whether you are buying or leasing a property, it is important that you check if you need a planning permit to make sure you can use it for what you want it for. 

It’s important that you don’t assume that you can start a business on a property just because there is already a business there. And it is just as important that you don’t assume that a planning permit application is not required because there are no building works proposed.

There are 2 types of planning permit application and each has a different timeframe for processing.

Planning permit applications are either ‘permitted’ (which means that Council must grant a permit, with or without conditions within 28 days) or they are ‘discretionary’ (which means the application must be advertised and we will decide to either grant a permit with or without conditions or refuse the application).

Advertising a ‘discretionary’ application involves:

  • a notice in the newspaper
  • notices put up at each public frontage of the land
  • notices to each adjoining owner and occupier of land.

Within the 42 days, we must advertise the application and allow 14 days for representations (this means objections or support) to be received. Council must consider those representations and decide to either approve it with or without conditions, or refuse the application.

To find out whether you need a planning permit for a particular kind of use or development, or to see if any exemptions apply, you should talk to a planner.