How do I apply for a plumbing permit?


Before you apply

You can get advice and information on provisions of the Plumbing Code of Australia from a licensed plumber or designer. Our plumbing surveyor can also assist where enquiries are relevant to work subject to a Certificate of Likely Compliance (Plumbing Work) or Plumbing Permit. 

We also have records of privately owned drains, which you can buy. The plans can be used for preparation of designs associated with proposed building and plumbing work, or for locating drains prior to clearing blockages, excavation work or landscaping work. A plan of the sewer drain is available for most properties within the Glenorchy area, but plans for stormwater drains are limited to buildings constructed from about 1975 onwards. 

Check costs to obtain drainage in our schedule of fees

Lodge an application

To apply for a building permit you need to complete:

You can email applications to or submit them in person.

All documentation should be clearly identified/named with the address of the building work and the name of the agent/contact person for the work. Do not include links to websites, or jpeg, tif, etc formats.



Pay application fees

Application fees are calculated after you submit your application, based on our Schedule of fees (PDF). We will send you an invoice and once you pay we will process/assess your application.


Permit approval

We will let you know in writing when your application has been approved. Your CLC is valid for 12 months and your plumbing approval is valid for 2 years. You can then arrange for your plumber to complete a start work notification and begin your plumbing work. You cannot begin excavations until the plumbing permit/ relevant approvals have been officially issued.



Changes to permits

Once you have received approval it is possible to get a variation. Before you make any changes you should first consult with your designer and our officers. Some variations may not require our consent.


Plumbing permit extensions

You can extend your plumbing permit for a period of time (usually in 12 months intervals) using the Permit Extension Request Form (PDF). If the permit expires and work is not complete a new application must be made for a plumbing permit to enable work to be completed.


Completing your application

Once you have finished building, you need to complete your application. Our building section is usually able to help you to complete your applications.

For more information, contact us