Economic recovery plan

Approximately 86% of all Australian businesses have been adversely affected over the coming months. Glenorchy is no exception. 

Modelling suggests the sectors of the Glenorchy economy most likely to be impacted by COVID-19 are retail, accommodation and food services and arts and recreation. The primary driver of this being reduced local demand. Glenorchy workers are particularly vulnerable due to our City’s high employment specialisation in the Retail, and Arts and Recreation sectors.

We have identified a suite of projects aimed at stimulating Glenorchy’s economy in response to the COVID-19 crisis. 

Our economic stimulus projects are:

Activity City is a website and business development program to encourage residents to buy local and to support local businesses to adapt. Under the program, we contact our businesses and advise of support options available from governments. Activity City helps businesses promote themselves online, particularly to our local residents and help them to operate in the new context.

This project will deliver a Greater Glenorchy Plan, including precinct plans for Moonah, Glenorchy and Claremont CBDs, that are based on their identities, roles and functions. Investment in precinct planning will help us drive recovery and growth for tourism, retail and hospitality sectors. ​

We will set up a business incubation hub to provide a centre for new and emerging businesses to seek support, interact with peers, collaborate, access business mentors and get advice. Incubation and support of many small businesses can grow employment. Glenorchy’s large migrant community has strong entrepreneurial drive but needs support to grow into viable established businesses.

Initially developed as a virtual network, a creative and cultural business hub will support artists and makers to identify co-working spaces in areas such as untenanted shops, ensuring our CBD precincts remain active and to ‘spread the Mona effect’. Initially, we will include facilitation of regular multicultural and maker markets in our City. Development of a physical presence in the medium term will increase visitors through events, exhibitions, on-site activities and education.

Glenorchy is home to regionally significant sport and recreation facilities within walking distance of each other. This cluster has significant potential for strategic collaboration. Development of partnerships will be the first stage to enable creation of a masterplan for the area, which will ensure significant investments earmarked for Hobart Showgrounds and the DEC/Wilkinsons Point developments are strategically aligned and complementary. ​

This project will spread the Mona effect by developing creative art content along the Intercity Cycleway. Support of regular street art events (such as the Hobart Vibrance Festival) at locations along the intercity cycleway will provide increased visual amenity along the corridor and collaboration with Mona on content curation will mean the cycleway will become a tourism asset in its own right.

This project will invest in infrastructure improvements to the caravan park to make the area ‘shovel ready’ for development. Mona will redevelop the Caravan Park on land leased from Council, including works on roads, parking, utilities, landscaping and pathways. Council would look at a long-term lease to Mona, who would develop and operate the facility.​

The Mountain Bike Masterplan proposes a cycling hub at Tolosa Park, bringing together BMX with the criterium cycling and Mountain Bike park. The relocation is also aligned with the draft Berriedale Masterplan and with the strategic direction of Southern City BMX club. ​The BMX track at Berriedale does not meet the current requirements for racing and moving to Tolosa Park would provide all year activity at the site. As part of a broader cycling hub, the location of the BMX club in the area would help kids with skill development and safe entry into this sport.​

This project works with developers, public and private service providers to progress the development of a multifunctional civic heart for the Glenorchy CBD. This will include, grants to small businesses to ‘activate’, multipurpose meeting space/s, markets, and  outdoor eating.​

The project will use the Prince of Wales Bay Marine and Defence Precinct and Tasmanian Maritime Network through the development of a Masterplan and Council investment in connecting infrastructure (the Zinc-Link). ​Closer integration with the Tasmanian Technopark and Derwent Park businesses will create positive ‘spill over’ as local businesses network and learn from our state’s top innovators and international exporters.​

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